Monday, August 21, 2006

An online poll

Priests for Life (link)
asks if *people have a
right to distribute campaign
literature on cars in church
parking lots.

I checked no, I don't believe
that they're supposed to, or
should. That's government busi-
ness & Christ pretty much made
it clear that church business is all
that should be conducted in His
Father's house.

That said,
Christ is always with
me in the voting booth.

*However, if the Church wants
to distribute information (on any
subject), in their own parking lot,
I'm all for it!


Anonymous said...

I would prefer that nobody monkey around with my car. I'm going to have a knee-jerk negative reaction to anybody that puts a flyer under my windshield wiper. In essence, they are saying, "Here, you throw this away."

rhapsody said...


That's usually the first thought- what is that doing there?

Well, even if the message is a good one, the flyer will eventually end up being recycled.


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