Thursday, August 17, 2006!!!


you were right! (link)


Terry said...

Isn't this a remarkable story?! Remember how the poor family was indicted and condemned by the media and public opinion? And now Patsy Ramsey is dead, but at last vindicated. What a terrible crime and affliction that poor family endured.

rhapsody said...

The news reports have stated that Patsy Ramsey knew that they had a possible suspect.

How this family suffered- thank God the investigators didn't give up!

Anonymous said...

When the Ramsey's passed a polygraph, they said it was because they were very good liars. Experts said the ransom note was clearly in the mother's handwriting. Everything the "experts" said turned out to be false.

I remember in particluar one interview with a blond, wild-eyed policewoman who she said she knew the father was guilty "by the look on his face." I would like to see a follow-up interview with her.

The press and police did the same thing to poor Richard Jewel over the olympic park bombings. I don't trust either one of them anymore.

rhapsody said...

The press has got to learn not to speculate, to stick to reporting just the facts, and keep their opinions to themselves...

& "hunches" aren't evidence.

Michelle said...

I still have my doubts about this particular guy. Don't be at all surprised if he is not the killer.
Majority of peadophiles do not admit to their actions....unless this guy is one out of the ordinary....he's not the killer.


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