Friday, August 25, 2006

The Nine Choirs of Angels

The subject of angels (link)
was brought up in an inter-

esting Haiku written in the
comments below.

As I can never remember their
complete order, I figured I'd
better look it up:)

Many thanks to the poet
who stopped by~


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

When I was in seminary I met an Anglican priest who had just returned from visiting monasteries around the world. As he told the stories of his trip, he said he was most anxious when he visited an Orthodox monetary deep in the Egyptian desert. Because he was not of the Orthodox faith, he didn’t know how he would be received.

When he arrived, the abbot greeted him, presented him with cool fruit; a monk removed the Anglican’s shoes and washed his feet. His entire stay was like that. The Orthodox monks treated him to a hospitality he received no where else on his journeys.

When the Anglican departed, he thanked the abbot and expressed his surprise at the magnificent hospitality he had received.

The abbot replied, “We greet everyone as if they are angels—just in case.”

rhapsody said...


Thanks Nick!


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