Sunday, August 27, 2006

HB. . .



Tim said...

Cool pic, very cool. Hey, your blog is nifty!
Thanks for checking mine out.

rhapsody said...

Thanks Tim:)

I like your blog too- very funny! I found you through Adoro Te Devote- which I found through Abbey-Roads... which are both excellent blogs also:)


Terry Nelson said...

My absolute favorite actress in my all time favorite movie!

rhapsody said...

I only saw it for the first time a few years ago.

It is a good one:)

Melodybleu said...

WEll....Audrey is at least much prettier than that chesterton fella...whoever he
Love your pretty colors Rhapsody

rhapsody said...



Yeah, Audrey's a lot prettier than Chesterton- geez!

Anyway, he was quite a writer. Was great friends with H. Belloc & GB Shaw. He wrote detective stories, & had a daily column in the Illustrated London News for thirty years. Plus he wrote books, & poetry, & bios... & he wrote about Catholicism before he became one- I think he was an agnostic before he became a Christian. Which was, as his friends would say, what would keep him from being a better known writer- which is why you, a great reader, never heard of him.

I am most impressed with how his writings have helped, not only change, but save people's lives...

Read this, found by Thomas, (who's linked on the right- Your Ever Well-Wisher:)

It's an article on biographer Joseph Pearce- my mom has read most of his books & was the one who introduced me to them, but his life is interesting also.


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