Wednesday, August 30, 2006


question. . .

Who would you choose? (link)



Anonymous said...

Well, I would want Orson Welles; I would probably get Dom DeLouise.

(And btw, Charles Neslon Reilly is alive and doing fine. He's currently doing voice work for an upcoming Tom & Jerry movie.)

rhapsody said...


Yay! I love him! I'm going to have to go see that movie...

I love Dom DeLouise also, but isn't he quite a bit older than you?

tute said...

yeah orson wells

eyyyyyy visit

Terry Nelson said...

So - Debbie Reynolds daughter huh? It may fit...I was really thinking Audrey Hepburn myself, not knowing you however.

rhapsody said...

Omigosh! Even in my younger, thinner days I was never Audrey-esque~

But thank you:)

Actually, my mom is kind of Hepburn-ish... Katharine & Audrey-
which is what she has been told over the years. I agree, but I always thought that she strongly resembled an actress named Valli, who was in the movie The Miracle of the Bells.

Michelle said...

Ok, fess up, who would you choose to play you?!!

Personally, i think Kirstie Alley for myself, i think there is some resemblence and she has a sharp tongue just like me!

So glad to be back and catching up with your news :o)

rhapsody said...

Oh wow!

I love Kirstie Alley- she's very funny, too:)

I told Terry that someone told me that I kind of resemble Carrie Fisher- but that was a long time ago in a decade far, far away:)

Welcome back Michelle!


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