Thursday, August 24, 2006

Please pray for

fellow blogger Jen P. (link),
and her family, as her dad is
not well...

& for our dear friend Terry's
dear friend, also. (link)

May the grace and peace of
our Lord Jesus Christ be with
them always.

Thank You Lord,



reb said...


God loves a balance

He made Angel & Devil

These two, prance about


rhapsody said...

Hi Reb,

Thanks for the Haiku:) Well, God is the Creator- but I believe that His balance was not meant to be good & evil, but man & woman...

That said, there is good, and there is evil. Unfortunately, there are those, angels included, who have chosen evil.

& I believe, God is pleased with those that choose to be obedient- but saddened & angered by those who don't.

As far as the good angels go- there are different angels that have different responsibilities. Some may be singing & making music, at this time-

Some might be more "on call"- the messengers & the warriors...

& some are watchfully trying to keep us on our individual yet all-important straight & narrow paths back to Heaven- where we started from!

Thanks for writing:)


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