Friday, October 21, 2005

Fleeced sheep

Do all the different versions
of the Bible contain the part
where Jesus said that no one
knows when the end of the
world is going to happen?

What about the parts that warn
of false prophet$ & false idol$?
Were they removed too?

If not, and these sections haven't
been excised or condensed for
convenience sake-(or merely
overlooked & ignored), then how
do the authors who rake in the
dough with their vastly different
interpretations & works of fiction
get away with it?

Are they satisfied with the
fact that they have convinced
some people not to go to church,
but sit around waiting to be

While continuing to buy their books,
of course!

$$$Anybody know why?$$$


Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary!

Dr. Thursday said...

There is one particular "end-of-world" novel which is excellent. I refer to Monsignor R. H. Benson's The Lord of the World.

There are also some who suggest that GKC's The Ball and the Cross is apocalyptic - also an excellent book. The opening debate between "Professor Lucifer" and the monk named "Michael" is superb.

rhapsody said...

Thank you for the recommendations, Dr. T-
Will add them to my list of must-reads.


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