Monday, October 03, 2005


Was disappointed with the
cappucino these past couple
of Thursdays...
And I count on them to get
me through choir practice.
We all have our ways of
trying to stay awake-
We love practice, (and each
other:) but we're all up early
for the most part- being out
late-ish is not what we're
used to.
So I accidentally found a
drink loaded with caffeine
that I like, other than coffee.
Youngest likes soda ('pop' for
those of you in the rest of
the country:)
She tried one she didn't like,
and gave it to me.
I don't even like soda really.
It's like a melted-down
carbonated lollipop...
But I do like Dr. Pepper
And this was kind of a
cherry-flavored drink...
Code Red Mountain Dew.

I have a new favorite.



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