Monday, October 24, 2005

Good morning...



Am sitting here in the semi-dark-
ness, a victim of my own caffeine-
induced sleepless-night.
Have decided to babble on my own
blog today.
Serves me right.
Hastily grabbed a **CRMD from the
fridge last night-
Am not much of a soda drinker.

Anyway, figured I'd give my blog-
friends a break.
Had a wonderful "chat" with Doctor
Thursday yesterday over at GKC's
Favourite. If you stop over there,
tell him I said hi. He's posting on
the Luminous Mysteries of the
Rosary, which coincidentally Nancy
Brown mentioned over at Flying
Speaking of Mrs. Brown, have a new
link to the right for Mr. Michael
Brown... photographer extraordinaire!
I never saw a 3-D photo that's still
three dimensional with one eye closed!
Check out Through the Lens- very neat!!!

Think I joined St. Blog's Parish- am not
sure, though. Have not been notified of
my accepted membership. Will have to
wait & see...

Well [crickets], now that it's almost
time to wake up, I think I'll go to sleep.


* From CatholicPosters.

** Code Red Mountain Dew



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