Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Saint Austin Review

Well, [crickets], I know that
I don't have to tell you how
happy it makes me to have
been able to figure out how
to link to different places of

But somehow I messed up my
link completely, to the wonder-
ful Saint Austin Review, also
known as StAR magazine.

I've had it linked to the right for
weeks, and it worked just fine.
Then I attempted to display their
banner, but may have messed up
the link entirely... for some reason
both of them are not working.

They were both fine...
at first.
Now they lead to nowhere.
And although the banner is
centered on my blog, I have
been told it is askew on other

Am going to wait & see if it
starts working again soon-
I hope so!

Keep your fingers X'd,



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