Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sister Mary Jean Dorcy

The Pieta
by Sister Mary Jean Dorcy,

an author as well as
being a very gifted artist,
who specialized in the art
of paper cutting silhouettes
of our Lady with our Lord.


Nancy C. Brown said...

I love paper cut art, so neat that these are seriously themed, I love it!

rhapsody said...

Hi Mrs. Brown,
Always loved her Christmas scenes- had never seen her "Pieta" before...
Such a gift- & such beautiful, holy reminders for us!
She wrote many books back in the fifties-
am going to have to see what's available.

monster said...

Faith: Thanks for the link; I've linked back to you as well.

Are there more pictures of Sr Dorcy's paper cuttings online?

rhapsody said...

Hi monster :)

Yes- can't do the link right now- I'm late for work...
Can you do a search? Type in her name-
Dan Paulos work is excellent also.

Thanks for the link!


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