Sunday, October 30, 2005

Speaking of books...

this is the 3rd & last
time that I will post for
Mr. Joseph Pearce.

This is merely a (hopefully
not overly-obnoxious way)
to obtain a link to The Saint
Austin Review...

I had a perfectly good one.
But the day after I displayed
the banner below, it went

Now, I am not going to conti-
nue the campaign forever-
No [crickets], I just can't do it!


Listed below will be *links to
some of the fine books written
by Mr. Pearce- (most of which
my mom has read)...

(Hope this blog post doesn't
boggle "Giggle!":)

1. "Literary Giants, Literary
Catholics," by Joseph Pearce.

2. "Flowers of Heaven," by

Joseph Pearce.

3. "Old Thunder," by

Joseph Pearce.

4. "C.S. Lewis and the Catholic
Church," by Joseph Pearce.

5. "The Unmasking of Oscar

Wilde," by Joseph Pearce.

6. "Tolkien: Man and Myth,"
by Joseph Pearce.

7. "Wisdom and Innocence:
A Life of G.K. Chesterton," by
Joseph Pearce.

8. "Unafraid of Virginia Woolf:
The Friends and Enemies of Roy
Campbell," by Joseph Pearce.

9. "Solzhenitsyn and the Modern
World," by Joseph Pearce.

Well, [crickets], I am going to stop
here, although there are others.

If I do not get a workable link, I may
decide to leave the banner- right now
it goes to a place where StAR can be

It's the best I can do.

For now.

*(excuse me, [crickets,] but
I have checked some of these

they're not all working...


But they shall remain:)



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