Monday, October 24, 2005

Pass it on...

I'm going to keep my word about
not posting on anyone's blog today,
(& try not to overcompensate tomor-

But head over here & print it out-
we're going to need it for the next

Do you think it will require a (gulp!)...
no.2 pencil?


Anonymous said...

Seven No. 2 pencils.

Dr. Thursday said...

No, twenty.

It's NOT a test. You ought to be able to guess already what it is, based on what I wrote in Part III.

Wow. The word I must submit looks Arabic... wyjjm - I wonder what it means...

rhapsody said...

Thanks, Dr. T!

Maybe if we use it in a sentence...

"Wyjjm looking so tired these days?"

I think maybe I dangled a participle with that one...


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