Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Speaking of trees...

One of my all time favorite
poems is about a misbehaving

It's called The Laughing Willow,
by Ernestine Cobern Beyer.

The only copy I ever saw
was from a May 1970 issue of
Jack & Jill Magazine.

Going to go look it up...

(Later that week)...

Well, can't find it online-
I do have a copy of it.

Can we print a poem if we
credit the actual author, or
does the copyright belong to
the publisher?


Barbara Beyer Malley said...

Ernestine's daughter
I'm Barbara Beyer Malley, working on an activity book called Read Me a Rhyme, Please, accepted by Humanics Publishers. The Laughing Willow is one of the poems,and I'll send you an illustrated copy of it if you'll give me your email address. I was thrilled to see your comment!

rhapsody said...

I can't thank you enough for writing!

I will email you from my yahoo address-

Your mom's poem is my all-time favorite- thank you so much for your kind offer!

I can't wait until your book is available!


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