Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Can this kid write?

or what? (link)

& I'm sorry- the subject
is not funny at all!

What is up with this

Fine, we have all got
free will- we can decide
for ourselves what to
believe & how we're go-
ing to live, to varying

So girls, look in the Bible-
I'm sure you're familiar
with it & know better than

The part where it says we
will be judged by the laws
we choose to live by. You
call yourselves Catholics.
Well, Catholics have one
pope, not a bunch of mini-
popes, who was given the
authority by Christ & the
Holy Spirit to head the
Catholic Church.

So what if the pope is
a man! You do like men,
don't you? You are aware
that He made us man &
woman- one or the other!
This does not mean that
one is better than or pre-
ferred over the other, btw-
the Bible even states this.
That ignorant thinking is
man-made (oops! sorry-
didn't mean to utter a non-
pc reverse-sexist remark!
Who can keep track of this

So, what's with the complex?

You do seem sincere in want-
ing to serve the Lord- a very
good thing!

So pray for guidance from
the Holy Spirit... and remember-

This world is not about us-
or Him! But, our lives should
be, according to His will.



Terry Nelson said...

Thanks for the link again! I think I offended some people however. But I like the response.

rhapsody said...

Actually, Terry, I do not understand the defensive reaction of some people...

If a person makes a statement, or asks a question, & the response is more of a knee-jerk reaction based on an assumption... then what?

The question or statement has not been heard by an objective listening ear. The listener isn't listening, as they already know the answer to what they have incorrectly perceived to be the question.


I don't know if that makes any sense- I think I said what I meant:)

It seemed to me that the commenter was offended, as he expressed that he suspected a bit of exaggeration was afoot- sorry, but that wasn't the case.

I do agree that exaggeration & lies are unacceptable when it comes to a person's reputation- no matter who they are or what they do. Falsely accusing someone of something they haven't done is an unthinkably heinous crime as well as a sin.

& so is hitting an innocent child.


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