Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm not going to lift it

but there's a cute cartoon
(with a serious message)
over @ Christus Vincit.

I think they "borrowed"
it from Gerald from
The Cafeteria Is Closed...
so let's just stop that madness

before it gets out of hand, ok? ;)

While visiting Gerald's blog,

I did happen to come across
this interesting post whilst I
was there.

PS: I checked his "blogs-who-
link-here" blogroll, too... &
didn't see mine listed, although
he's been linked here since this
blog's beginning, almost a whole
year ago...

Geez! :(


Anonymous said...

The Spanish Civil War was between Communists and Fascists. TheCafeteriaIsClosed complains about "liberals" supporting the wrong side 70 years ago, but truthfully, it's hard to pick a side when those are your only two choices. I can't really imagine anyone saying, "Hooray! The fascists won!"

Anyhoo, I came across a site that I thought might interest you. I found it in an ad in my Mom's Catholic Digest. It's called, and they sell hand-made Catholic religous statues. It's fun to look at, even if you don't plan to buy. (I might get the little Mary stature for my Mom for Christmas.)

rhapsody said...

Thanks for the links, Thomas- my mom subscribes to the Catholic Digest too:)

If I can find it, I'm going to link to an article I read the other day...

if I can find it!

Thanks for the comment!

Brian Michael Page said...

That's ok Rhapsody. We Christus Vincit boys are honored to have you on the CVDB, and equally honored to be one of your [crickets]. :-)


rhapsody said...


(that's 'thank you' in cricket talk:)


(that's 'same to you, guys')!


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