Sunday, July 09, 2006

Good reading & reminding...

from Dawn Eden, author of
the upcoming book:

The Thrill of the Chaste: Finding
Fulfillment While Keeping Your
Clothes On,
(not easy in today's
culture of, "If it feels good, do it!")

on her journey from spiritual


A Penitent Blogger-

A reminder to be mindful &

thankful to God every day,
not just Sundays & holidays.
(Again, not easy in today's
of, "God... what God?")


Michelle said...

Everyday is thankful to god day :o)
Have a great weekend!

OOoo, were we meant to remind you to do something this month??? Amazon?? Yikes, i can't remember!

rhapsody said...

Thanks Michelle!

I'm supposed to vote for the guys at Christus Vincit- thanks for reminding me:)

Will check to see if it's time to yet...

& I do try to remember that He's with us every moment, wanting to share in the details of our lives...

& to be thankful...



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