Sunday, July 02, 2006

From Abbey-Roads

Interesting commentary on
the fashion industry-

from someone who used to

work there.


Anonymous said...

I guess some things just never change: "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."~ Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

I liked one of the final lines in his post, "it takes people's money away, and distracts them from the essentials in life, it encourages people to become more vacuous and superficial…" He's referring specifically to fashion, but I would expand it to include most products in our materialistic and entertainment-driven society.

rhapsody said...

I agree-

He mentioned the cosmetic industry appealing to our vain side- telling us we deserve the best- yada, yada...

I would add the jewelry, auto, & toy industry- how many of us think we have to have what they tell us we must have- then five minutes later, tell us they've got something "new & improved, super-powerful, cool (hard to believe that word is still used)" etc. They know how to play to our egos, then we pass this mindset down to our kids.

You've seen the headlines- sixty's the new thirty, & eighty's the new forty! They know how to pander to us self-absorbed aging boomers, that's for sure!

& it's hard to believe that we fall for it, but we do- year in & year out- embarrassingly so, by the billion$.

Well, the people who called the material world "plastic" almost forty years ago, far $urpa$$ed the level of greed of the people they critiquied- who were mostly people working hard to make an honest living.

Now, as the article pointed out, men have been convinced that they really should schedule in those manicures...


Michelle said...

I would have to agree with Thomas, indeed that was my fav piece too.
Absolutely fascinating read, thanks for highlighting :o)

Happy 4th to you!

rhapsody said...

Thanks sweetie:)

You too, Mr. T- have a happy, safe fourth!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I admit I have never understood fashion—except the part about the length of skirts and the condition of the economy.

What I understand the least is why my 5’1” ex-girlfriend wears shoes that make her 5’5”—and, because of them, has fallen down three stairways (that I know of).

rhapsody said...


Such a risky fashion- not wise to wear when driving, walking, dancing...

Maybe someone she knows should leave her an anonymous safety kit with sensible shoes!


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