Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh... my...


Miracle #1 (link)-
that should directly
be attributed to the
future patron saint
of bloggers, G. K.

With many, many
thanks to the
of another- Thomas,
whose blog is
Your Ever Well-Wisher,
linked to the right...

& (who so very kindly!)
supplied the link to the
answer of a years-old
question... which was
the subject of one of
yesterday's posts.



Dr. Thursday said...

Are you sure that patron saint won't be Mrs. Frances Blogg Chesterton? Hee hee.

Actually, we're hoping to see Frances and Gilbert go in as a pair - what a triumph for our time to be given such a loving couple as models of holy matrimony!

rhapsody said...

Hi Dr. Thursday,

Not knowing the definition of an 'official' or actual miracle- I am writing under the assumption that it has something to do with giving new life in Christ to a soul in jeopardy.

This story, to me, is such an example. And further- an example of a life that was so changed, that the work of this man can in turn save souls.

The same could be said of Dawn Eden. She has written much about her life- and was greatly influenced by GKC. As a result of her accepting Christ with the aid of his words, she in turn is doing an amazing job of exposing the accepted practices in our culture in such a way that has never been done before- thus saving more souls that otherwise would have been lost! From the core of the industry that has promoted this culture of death, she is using Christ's words like a saber to cut through the decades old tangle of thorns that has been cultivated in recent history.

Dale Ahlquist could be another example of a man who has been so influenced by GKC, that his work as a direct result has in turn saved the souls of others.

Three 'little' miracles:)

Not so little, imo...

Also- I don't know how patron saints are determined. I can imagine that Mrs. Chesterton would insist her husband be the patron saint of bloggers, as he was the writer extraordinaire. However, I can imagine him saying that she should be- as she was the one who cared for him- an unwell man- thus enabling him to continue to write.

Hmmm- your solution does seem to be the logical answer... do we get to vote in these matters?


Dr. Thursday said...

You ask: can we vote? Yes - we pray.

The details for a miracle (in the action of a cause of canonization) - it has to be physical, something out of the natural course of things, and capable of being attested to by non-believers - as I understand, the criteria are extremely stringent. Just to give you an introduction, I'd suggest the small boook called "Voyage to Lourdes" by Dr. Carrell, available from Real View Books. No, conversions are significant, but not in the same way that a miracle is. And yet the significance of GKC's work on converts is not negligible, either! Prayer, prayer.

Selection of "patrons" is up to the Pope, though I am sure he will be interested to hear what we may have to say.

Considering the importance of prayer in GKC's own conversion, it behooves us to pray for more conversions through his and Frances' intercession - such private prayer is always permitted! And that our own lives may be a continual conversion to our Lord.

rhapsody said...

Will do, Dr. T!

& thank you for writing:)


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