Saturday, July 15, 2006

Was disappointed...

To find out my order
can't be processed
until next month
'cause it's n/a...

It's a work of fiction,
which I don't read
that often, but as it's
by Joseph Pearce, I'm
really looking forward
to it.

Plus, I promised a
friend she could read
it before I do, as she's
a much faster reader,
& she likes his work...

Will keep you


Anonymous said...

I found used copies at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The catch is that a used copy is as expensive as a new one- but if you really don't want to wait…

rhapsody said...

Thanks Thomas:)

That is the way I'm going to go if they go past the next date they gave me.

I read of the book originally at one of the links off the StAR website- I was looking to find if Mr. Pearce wrote an autobiography, which I had read somewhere that he did. I met him last month at a Chesterton conference, & FORGOT TO ASK!!!


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