Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Anybody mind

if I complain?


Quite a while ago, I read
that biographer extraordin-
aire, Joseph Pearce, had
written an autobiography
entitled This Rock...

Read the comment when it
was originally posted in '04,
but couldn't remember where
from. Found the comment
the other day, although the
commenter wasn't definite.

& I can't find the book.


So, does anybody know if
Mr. Pearce wrote an auto-
biography? & if so, where
can I find a copy of it?

Would page him myself, but
I've done that already, (link), &
(link), & (link), & (last-but-not-
least... link:).
Although this cam-
paign did not catch the attention
of Mr. Pearce back in October of
last year, I did receive an anony-
mous comment from a very help-
ful reader
many months

So, anon, if you should happen
by, & know the answer, please
let me know... (that goes for
anyone else who might know,

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

They don't list an autobiography on his web page (

He's kind of young for an autobiography, isn't he?

rhapsody said...

Thanks for checking, Thomas.

The comment must have been incorrect- & you're right- he's not that old at all, although his life so far would make a very interesting 'part one'...

Anonymous said...

I found a little article he wrote about his life, sort of a mini-autobiography, HERE. Wow- and I thought I had a mis-spent youth!

rhapsody said...







This must be what the commenter was referring to- going to print it out for my mom, too.

Can't thank you enough for taking the time...

God bless you!


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