Thursday, July 13, 2006


Took a quiz posted over
at No Blog of Significance,
& although it was fun I'm
not going to post my re-
sults, as I kind of tend to
disagree with them.

Now, it was also a matter
of the choices given. I would
love to have the brains &
beauty of a
Mrs. Peel,
Honey West, April Dancer,
or any one of Captain Scarlet's
Angels, (I did manage to
squeeze three of their names
into the title of this blog:) Act-

ually, I would consider myself
lucky to have the appeal of the
wonderful Peter Falk's
Lieutenant Frank Columbo!
(hey, I've got the raincoat)...

But none of them were listed
as choices.

And, although I've always

been a great fan of the titian-
haired, eternally-eighteen-
roadster-driving Nancy Drew,
(when in reality I'm more of a
Dorlock Homes, from animation
genius Chuck Jones' brilliant
classic, Deduce, You Say)...

I would prefer to have
the Wisdom and Innocence
this character, who is based
on an actual person.


Michelle said...

I took it too...i am Maximus!
"Full of truth and courage, but a bad temper"!! LOL, too funny!

rhapsody said...


That's who I got! But I disagree with the assessment-

altho it was fun:)


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