Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Found it:)

Must be included among my faves,
dear Dr. Alice Von Hildebrande. (link)

"Now let us abolish the terms

"conservative" or "liberal", the
terms "left" and "right" which
are secularistic. I suggest that
we say from now on "those
who have kept the sense of
the supernatural and those
who have lost it". That is the
great divide, that is the essence."

Article found through the
National Catholic Register. (link)


Merle said...

Hi Rhaosody ~~ Thanks for leaving the
comments on my blog. Glad that you enjoy
your visits. Take care, Merle.

Anonymous said...

I liked the quote, but in the context of the article, I'm afraid it doesn't mean very much. She's still dividing the world into two groups: People Who Agree With Me, and People Who Are Wrong.

rhapsody said...


Why do you call yourself a liberal? You have aligned yourself with a fairly specific group of people with fairly specific beliefs. You have stated what YOU believe is right & wrong (I read your blog:), which you are of course entitled to do- by God first, & secondly because we live in a country such as this where it is allowed aloud. But, this means that you have made known that there is a person or group of persons that YOU believe is WRONG...

Now we have established that "right" and "wrong" exists, based, not on my words, but yours.

I remember reading about one guy who was present at the first inauguration of the past administration- when the planes flew over to wave hi to the new prez, he is quoted as saying, "They're OURS, now."


That indicates a "theirs"...

So, is that okay that he indicated that there are two separate groups of people? Again, these are not my words- they are the words of one of your fellow liberals. What's that word that many libs like to use so much- "divisiveness"?


Now, these are not my OPINIONS- they are observations based on printed (& many times audio/video) statements- of OTHERS' opinions...

That there is a right & wrong- & that there are AT LEAST two different points of view.

It is only my opinion, but I think that we agree on that.

Question: How do we determine which "truth" is right, & which one is wrong? The question is NOT- how do we MAKE OTHERS BELIEVE WHAT WE BELIEVE IS THE TRUTH- but HOW DO WE AS INDIVIDUALS DETERMINE WHAT THE TRUTH IS...

PS Thank you for your prayers- the tests came back ok:)


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