Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A real life

detective, William J. Burns,
(1860-1932), who was a
"contemporary" of, & called
greater than...

Sherlock Holmes:)

He founded a detective
agency, was director of
the FBI from 1921-1924,
and was succeeded by
J. Edgar Hoover. He then
retired to write true crime

Recommended reading:
Incredible Detective: The
Biography of William J. Burns,

by Gene Caesar.


Michelle said...

Another biography to add to my collection :o)

Merle said...

Hello Rhapsody ~~ Thanks for your visit and comments. I plan to post a recipe tomorrow. Glad you enjoy the jokes.
Take care, Merle.

rhapsody said...

Hi girls!

Merle, I'll be there- but I think your today is my tomorrow... or something like that! I love posting in the future on your blog!


Bios are just too interesting- read one on an FBI agent who worked under Hoover, & I would love to post about it, but I forgot his name!

When I look it up, I'll let you know:)


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